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Access to HealthCare in Rural Bangladesh

demo Nearly ten million children in the world die every year from preventable causes due to lack of access to necessary health care. MAAWS Health Complex aims to reduce that figure by providing primary health care to villagers in rural Bangladesh.

Over 30,000 people in the Senbagh/Begumganj area of Noakhali, Bangladesh do not have access to basic health care. The closest hospital is 6 kilometers away. Diabetes and other preventable diseases run rampant because of the lack of primary care. Newborns and mothers die during childbirth because of the lack of maternal care and adequately trained birth attendants. The MAAWS Health complex will provide primary health care to approximately 2,000 patients, mostly farmers and villagers, a month. How can you help? Click here

Plant a Well, Save Lives Safe Drinking Water to Local Villagers

demo MAAWS plans to install 25 tube wells increasing the accessibility to safe drinking water to 2,500 people in the village of Earpur in Senbagh, Noakhali, Bangladesh.

At least 3,500 villagers are without access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Floods, natural disasters, poor sanitation and arsenic contamination of water further exacerbate inaccessibility and scarcity of safe drinking water. Also poverty is wide spread problem: 2,000 villagers are living on less than $2 a day. Many have to travel far only to get water from contaminated ponds. How can you help? Click here

Sewing Training School Breaking the cycle of poverty

demo Due to socio-economic and cultural barriers in rural villages, women do not have the means to obtain a stable source of income. Since there are no job opportunities, women stay at home while men work outside. Seeing families trapped in a cycle of poverty, MAAWS started the Sewing Training Project in 2002. Young women, students, housewives take a three month course for a small nominal fee where they learn every step of garments production.

Trained to meet the demands of today’s fashion industry in Bangladesh, many have presented themselves to be part of a capable workforce for the local garments market. Training with the project has now given many women a stable source of income to support their families. For many it is the only source of income. How can you help? Click here

Testimonials on Immunization Program

Mohammad Nehan, Age: 2 Months, Earpur, Senbag, Noakhali

"Nehan is my second baby and he is two months old. Today April 13, 2013 I am in MAAWS Health Complex for the first phase of his immunization. He got BCG, Polio 1, Panta -1 today and the date of second phase is May 12, 2013. I was in anxiety because I didn't know about the suitable place where I can take him for immunization. When I came to know that MAAWS inaugurated immunization program in their health complex from March 13 then I relieved from mental stress because MAAWS Health Complex is in our village and we are very familiar with it. We appreciation would be with MAAWS for such kind of essential program." said Nehan’s Mom.

Miraj Hossain, Age: 2 Months and 2 weeks, Earpur, Senbag, Noakhali
Today April 13, 2013 Baby Miraj in MAAWS Health Complex for his second phase immunization and he came here on March 13, 2013 for his first phase immunization. Today he got Polio 2, Panta 2. We thank MAAWS for adding an important and essential program in their health services.

Mina Rani Das, Age: 2 months, D/O: Chandra Rani Das, Village – Bijbug, Senbag, Noakhali.
One day a team of field staffs of MAAWS Health Complex came to my house to explain the impotency of immunization for my baby Mina Rani Das and they gave me a chart of their immunization program and invited me to visit the Health Complex on 13th March 2013. That day was the inauguration day of the immunization program in their hospital. At night, I talked with my husband for Mina’s immunization, he also congratulate the program and encouraged me to attend the program bringing Mina with me. Accordingly I attended the program on 13th March and Doctor Madam suggested me to start the immunization program for Mina and that day was the first dose for Mina. She got BCG, Polio 1, Panta -1 as first dose and the second dose will be on 12th April 2013. I wish to complete the full course of immunization of Mian following their issued immunization chart.

Zahidul Islam, Age: 4 Years, S/O: Jannatul Ferdaus, Village: Lautoli, Bagumgonj, Noakhali
My son Zahidul Islam completed fourth dose of immunization at his nine month of age and the fifth dose will take at 5 years of age. Today 13 March 2013 Zahid took a Vitamin A Capsule at MAAWS Hospital. First four doses of immunization we had taken from ward camp of Kabilpur Union Parishod. Now that ward camp is shifted to MAAWS Health Complex with well arrangement. So we hope Zahid will take his fifth dose of immunization from MAAWS.

Taslima Akter, Age: 2 months, D/O: Bibi Kulsum, Earpur, Senbag, Noakhali.
We live very near to MAAWS Health Complex; it is about 5 minutes walking distance from my home. At the second month of my baby I was advised by a field staff of MAAWS about the immunization of my little baby. Next day I eagerly took my sweetest Taslima to MAAWS and got two injunctions and a capsule as first dose of her immunization. At the same day I took advice of a child specialist to maintain a health life of her.

Md Ajmir Hossain, Age: 5 Years, S/O: Marjahan Begum, Earpur, Senbag, Noakhali
Ajmir Hossain attended the campaign program of Vitamin A Plus organized by MAAWS and took a free Vitamin A capsule there that prevents night blindness and enhances immune function. We came to know from the campaign that vitamin-A deficiency is a serious threat for both mothers and children. The impact of vitamin-A deficiency is not limited to blindness, but also increases the risk of infectious diseases due to impaired immunity.

Tanisha Akter, Age: 3 months, D/O: Lutfur Naher, Village: Baliakandi, Senbag, Noakhali.
Always we have a good relation with the people of Earpur because our children go to Earpur for education in their Primary School and High School. Usually, we used to attend their famous village market minimum twice in a week whose name is Somir Munshir Hat. Moreover, we used to use their main road to go to any other district or town. Now the people of Earpur founded a Hospital for villagers by foreign donation which will be useful for all categories people. Recently they added immunization program in their services which is a great initiative of MAAWS for the villagers. I congratulate it from my heart on behalf of poor villager and I wish its prosperous day by day. Today 12 May 2013 I am in MAAWS Health Complex for second phase immunization of my baby Tanisha Akthe. I hope we will get a modern health services from this hospital.

Kohinoor Akter, Age: 3 months, D/O: Kaudiza Akhter, Village – Earpur, Senbag, Noakhali
Kohinoor is my first baby, she is 3 months old. I came to know from my elder sister and neighbor that immunization is an essential dose for new born baby, which prevent baby from so may complicated diseases.